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Taking Panoramas
Some thoughts on taking photos to be stitched together to make a panorama.

Stitching Panoramas
Using Photoshop Elements (tm) to stitch together a panorama.

Choosing a Camera
Some things to consider when choosing a digital camera. Discusses types of camera, pros and cons, battery types and so on. Mostly for beginners or those progressing from a first, simple camera.

My interpretation of the various opinions about sharpening. Discusses, very briefly, the why, when and how of sharpening.

Introduction to Printing
A look at how the pixels of an image get turned into coloured dots on paper in an inkjet printer.

Shooting Raw
Why it might be a good idea to set your camera to record raw image data, not JPEGs.

Many of the articles contain references to various books and other sources. You may find it interesting to chase up some of them.