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A Rolleiflex 2.8F twin lens reflex with the Zeiss Planar lens. Approximate date of manufacture is 1981 judging from the serial number (2437103).

The condition is very good. The speed setting dial is a little stiff.
The meter gives exposure settings comparable with those of my Nikon dSLR.
There is a leather case in excellent condition but the strap has disintegrated.

All serious offers considered. The buyer would need to inspect the camera before purchase. Contact me for more information.

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  • A very simple JPG resizing program. This will take a single JPG file and resize it for, say, emailing. You can choose both the longest pixel dimension and the JPG quality.
  • A step wedge image file. I use this to try to understand the effect of various sharpening techniques. If you view at 400% or 800% as you apply sharpening, you can see what is going on quite well.
  • A greyscale image file. I also use this for understanding sharpening. Viewing at 400% is suggested.
I am indebted to the book on Real World Sharpening by Jeff Schewe and the late Bruce Fraser for the idea of using images such as these.

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  • Things to think about when choosing a digital camera.
    This is aimed squarely at beginners; experts will find nothing new.
  • Sharpening: this is a hotly debated subject. The article talks about what works for me (an amateur) and what works for some professionals too.
  • Printing with an inkjet printer. This is intended to be a summary of information gathered from a number of sources.
None of the material in the articles is original and each article shows the sources that I've used to compile the information.

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