Saddlers Court, Yateley Family Photos 2012 The State Legislature, Kuching, Malaysia

Alice's 4th birthday Hakkas Brook and Didcot, 15th February 2012
Alice & Molly Yateley, 20th February 2012
Wantage Museum 17th March 2012
Alice & Molly Basildon Park, 16th April 2012
Getting to Otura 12th May 2012
Young Scientists Granada Science Park, 13th May 2012
Alice & Molly at Yateley 2nd July 2012
Alice & Molly at Home 11th August 2012
Fun at 'Q' Gardens 11th August 2012
Gathering for Helen's birthday West Hagbourne, 16th September 2012
Kew Gardens Alice's view, 31st October 2012
Molly at Wantage Museum 12th November 2012
Playing after school Hakkas Brook, 12th November 2012
Christmas 2012 Hakkas Brook, West Hagbourne