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Queensbay Mall (near Sungai Nibong, Penang), 27th August 2010
Spice Garden Penang, 27th August 2010
Butterworth A circular tour of old haunts, 28th August 2010
Little Penang Sunday Market 29th August 2010
Cameron Highlands Views from the Equatorial Hotel
Cameron Highlands Garden Centre
Cameron Highlands Honey Farm
Alumni of Nyanyang University (Singapore) Equatorial Hotel, Cameron Highlands, 2nd September 2010
Old Ipoh A walk round the old town, 4th September 2010
A damp stroll round Kuching 10th September 2010
Open House at the Astana Kuching, 11th september 2010
Sunset River Cruise Kuching, 11th September 2010
People on Kuching Waterfront 14th September 2010